Protect your loved ones with a group life insurance plan that covers final expenses.

Members may enroll at any time during the year and to qualify you must be under the age of 76. Persons eligible to be covered by the FIP are:

  • The member
  • Member’s spouse
  • Parents (or parents-in-law) of the member, maximum 2 persons
  • Children of the member (including those under legal guardianship, aged 1 through 25 and who are not married.)Children who are permanently disabled are covered for the duration of their lives once they are enrolled before age 25.


In addition to the enrolment form, the following documents are required for the Certificate Holder as well as other insureds named on the certificate:

  • Valid photo-bearing identification for all insureds, age eighteen (18) years and over, as well as, proof of age documentation for all insureds. Please note that a certified copy of Passport bio-data page can serve as both identification and proof of age.
  • Verification of address for all insureds 18 years and over; in the form of a recent utility bill (no more than 3 months), bank statement or address verification Form used by your organization. Where all the insureds are resident at the same location, only one (1) address verification document is required with a testimonial, certified by a Justice of the Peace, from the Certificate Holder.
  • Proof of relationship (certified copy of birth certificate of the insured dependent and/or marriage certificate where applicable).
  • Completion of the Common Law Spouse Declaration form attesting to common law relation where applicable (download form).
  • There is a 6 month waiting period before claims can be made. However, if death is by accident, claims can be made immediately after the plan is in force
  • The plan pays up to $2,000,000 JMD in the event of the death of any person covered.

Choose from any of the coverage below:

$ Monthly Premium


Plan A

$ 422.40

$ 80,000

Plan B

$ 633.60

$ 120,000

Plan C

$ 792.00
$ 150,000

Plan D

$ 1,320.00
$ 250,000

Plan E

$ 2,112.00
$ 400,000

Plan F

$ 3,432.00
$ 650,000

Plan G

$ 5,280.00
$ 1,000,000

Plan H

$ 6,864.00

$ 1,300,000

Plan I

$ 8,864.00

$ 1,600,000

Plan J

$ 10,458.00

$ 1,800,000

Plan K

$ 12,680.00

$ 2,000,000

To find out how the Family Indemnity Plan can help you and your loved ones, when you need it the most, talk to a representative in our Member Service Dept.

Conditions Apply

Download Documents & Application Form

pdf.pngF.I.P BrochureHOT

pdf.pngFamily Critical Illness PlanHOT

pdf.pngFIP & FCIP Application FormHOT

pdf.pngFIP Address VerificationHOT

pdf.pngF.I.P Change of Plan FormHOT